In Your Grave

If my brother is in Heaven
I hope he's stoned on fine wine
I would like to thank my kind brother
For leaving a gift behind

But I didn't ask my brother for a gift
So he can take it back
He left behind a SheDevil
And she's on the attack

She gives nothing but sorrow
She gives nothing but confusion
What can u give
When you're concieved in a mental institution

If u wanted to continue your legacy
Then brother your mission is complete
In return I hope u burn in hell
And suffer in the flames and the heat

U are the Good Lord Jesus
But u didn't leave us a savior
U left behind a drug addict
That mimics your behavior

I thought when I buried u
I could bury the hate and hurt feelings
But the nightmare continues
When will I stop dreaming

U are rotting in the ground
While your mother slowly dies
Becoz she is being murdered
By a devil with blue eyes

I thought I could save her
But she can not be saved
Hopefully u will save her
When u rise from the grave

Thank you dear brother
For everything you've done
But u didn't do a damn thing with your life
Except smoke a joint in the sun

I hope you're happy
Now that mom lives a life of hell
Its too bad mom didn't give your demon seed
To that crazy bitch by the seashells

But mom is doing what she did to you
She locked your sperm in a cage
I'm sorry if you're angry
But you're dead and I can't feel your rage

When u where in your coffin
I thought I could finally let go
But u left behind a hollywood singer
And she is stealing the show

I hope u no longer feel pain
I hope the demon child can be saved
Not that it matters anyway
Becoz soon she will join u in your grave

by Mr. Poetic

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