KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

In Your Silence Scream

In the mist of the silence I can hear her cry, she is screaming from the top of her lungs, “Mother please don’t die.”

Tears rolling down her face almost like a broken water pipe... Heart is breaking up as the doctor lets her know that her Mother will never be going home.

Darkness is surround her, gloom is all she see as another day draw near reality is what she not ready too see, living in fear of being without her has drown her in this state of shock.

In the mist of the silence I can hear her cry, and this lonely feeling makes her want to die,
As her Mother drifted off to sleep when death came to creep, took her by the hand and lead her to her promise land.

The silence pain of this woman fills the room; grief is so very gloom…

She screams this silence scream her heart is dying so it seems not wanting to live on God forces her to face this world knowing that we all have our schedule time to pass through…

As the night falls and she is looking at this lifeless body once was the Queen who made her the person that she is today now just an empty shell of her Mother.

Live your life well or pay the ultimate price in hell for we do not know when it will be our time but we do know that one day it is coming.

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