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In Your Ways And Your Thinking

In your ways and your thinking you seem different from me
And on that we are very different i have to agree
We seem to have little in common to share
But between people this not unusual or not even rare

Our different ways make us more interesting some are known to say
And from each other most of us look at life in a different way
Like the Athenian loves Athens and the Roman loves Rome
In the company of like minded people one does feel at home

Your opinion on most matters different to mine
But you do own your thinking and that suits me fine
We have little to talk about when we do meet
Just a hello in passing in the park or on the street

Your ways and your thinking are quite different to mine
And in like minded company you wine and you dine
From your sort of thinking apart i have grown
But like it is said suppose to each their own.

by Francis Duggan

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