! In Your World

You say you need me in your life
You pledge undying love -
But there are places in your world
That you can't rise above;

by Linda Ori Click to read full poem

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Your facility with traditional form is awesome - it is obviously the perfect springboard for your creative spirit to fly. And the content of your verse is so honestly penned - like a soliloquy in a Shakespeare play, you weigh the two sides of your contemplation and shape the whole with great finesse. I guess all I can say is you can't change them, no matter how hard you try. They are as they are. Such a tenderhearted poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
You boil complexity down to clarity and so make reading your work a real pleasure... but in so doing you make its message more transparent, more immediate, and more heartbreaking... it's a writing strength that I just cannot master! I bow to your skill Linda. I was in this yes/no place once for a long time... and when you decide to finally quit they want you to stay... until they feel secure again... and so it goes.. This one will resonate with many I think... Elegant, fluent, and right to the point as always... sterling work Linda Ori... xxx jim
wow real sob story. i feel like sobbing. linda it flows like a song. keep the good work up.
L, you could have written this just for me. It has brought more than a tear to my eye. Some men (in particular) were just meant to live their lives alone, I think. And as Frank says it is indeed flawless, and any 'imperfections' (from another perspective) simply serve to grab more of the reader's attention. t x
This is just beautiful Linda..I love it
Midnight...There is always a ray of light to be found...sometimes we're just looking for it in the wrong direction....This is a brilliant piece of work....virtuallly flawless in metre & fluxion.....Arguably, one of your best, i'd say, based on pure literary principle.And, HAPPY(2 hours/your time) after ST. PATRICK'S DAY! ~Fj R ~ ..2008..
Unfortunate but........................!