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Even in this forum...
I am surprised to hear that word!
Though I suppose that it is correct;
... unfortunately!

I want to hear it, if you've got to say it!
and I will hold on tight,
... I am not afraid of your words,
and I'm not afraid of life!

What one decides is clearly WRONG,
another thinks is something to consider,
open minds are hard to come by,
I was hoping I could find some here!

That does not mean that social norms
should be ignored,
... but who defines ' inappropriate'?
I am the only one that has an opinion?

You get to have your say! - - - and I Insist!
Speak out loud and proud,
but, because you can,
be proud that they say, that you're just American!

It's inappropriate... you are too rich - - -
well, too much freedom - - -
and too much education!

You don't hate enough for some of us,
and we are are feeling jealous,
- - - therefore, you must die!
because, we don't have what it will take to
make it in the world!

SO, Who is inappropriate?
Those that tried and didn't make it - - -
... or - - - those that never tried?

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One has to stand up for what they believe in...otherwise, they become lost in the crowd...: -) Nicely stated Barry! Hugs, Dee