RH (4th May 2000 / )

Inbetween The Curve Of An Equator

Inbetween the curve of an equator
Philosophers open up a brothel,
The wind is gagged and declared a machine,
Insects clogging space are forever mute
As prehistoric sycophants dry up
And flood the ashtray with ripples of glass;

The compass is nothing but betrayal,
It's roots are chiselled just like the others —
No bowman mined for gold without a myth,
That is, until he found himself shining —
Even then there is no point to make sharp!
And we rehearse, and rehearse, until death…

Our spine rests like a sunbeam on green sand.
And the joke resumes … how did you ever
Consider such a thing to be real?
My fall was more like instantaneous
Invasions recaptured in the place where
We create fate — but how did I get there? …

Or here? — Then again, royalty were only made
To be mocked and overthrown; — continents
Have yet to be pulverised by silence,
Home is comfort, so it doesn't matter
Where I sit, or how I bleed — canyons
Only give as they fill as they erect…

Inbetween the curve of an equator
A baby's thumb rests tapping on a womb,
An echo spews out lava for cameras,
The cherub coughs up ink for his own life
Which will be forgotten by the morning,
The tunnel suffocated by Sunlight.

by Riano Harp

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