Inborn Love

Poem By Edgar John Jackson

Maybe I don’t know but I’m thinking that I can be blind
I should’ve been the happiest man by loving you
But I have no control in mind.
Because though I feel unhappy I want to be with you.
I see the blue sky, when it is really falling down
Your reasons let me down.
And I know I gotta run where I always can be free
Though I see you with others, I do nothing to stay like a tree.
Maybe I am adrift in the sea…
This inborn love keeps me running to you
This inborn love makes me be crazy for you.

We don’t understand each other by fighting so hard each night
But I must be stupid by thinking you can hold me tight
Although melodramatically you want to fight to the bitter end
There are a lot of reasons to leave you, but I can’t send
My S.O.S just to defend
This inborn love doesn’t give me up
This inborn love does crack me up.

I thought I could be loved by you too
But my heart was torn in two
You say to me that I am hypersensitive by loving
Or you don’t understand you unapologetically love by hating.
I must’ve been insane because I still love you
But you’re kicking my emotions to be close to you
And I can’t avoid loving.
I think I can be my end not to believe in love anymore
But I come back where I was before
This inborn love makes me go on
This inborn love makes me carry on.

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