Poem Hunter
(7 September 1885 – 16 December 1928 / Somerville, New Jersey)


A white well
In a black cave;
A bright shell
In a dark wave.

A white rose
Black brambles hood;
Smooth bright snows
In a dark wood.

A flung white glove
In a dark fight;
A white dove
On a wild black night.

A white door
In a dark lane;
A bright core
To bitter black pain.

A white hand
Waved from dark walls;
In a burnt black land
Bright waterfalls.

A bright spark
Where black ashes are;
In the smothering dark
One white star.

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I really dont know what to say to someone who is as such a good poet like you. I like this poem more than any othewr I have read so far. (on this site) Always a rebel, Alan
cool poem im, using this for a project at my school