Quiet Mood

Watch the green grass, quiet mood without worry
Enjoy the orchid flowers, fragrant and free
Hold wine in the plum hill to accompany the moon
Inscription on the wild temple to leave interests

对联体 ● 七绝罗志海著译
Two Pairs of Couplets ● Seven Words of Quatrain by Luo Zhihai

◆ Chinese Text



by Luo Zhihai

Comments (7)

The news was brought to the mountains by a Unicorn and an echo. How glorious is this line! This is poem is filled with such hope! I do believe there is a world such as this out there somewhere......definitely being added to my list of favorites!
SurelyTheir friendship will be glorious The poem is very beautiful and meaningful listened it in such ecstasy.
Opens the congealed fist of the past. Beautiful and very young are Philo-Sophia And poetry, her ally in the service of the good. As late as yesterday Nature celebrated their birth, The news was brought to the mountains by a unicorn and an echo. well writing
Great poem! I am of the opinion that most times lies are celebrated on more than truth in capital than small letters. A very ironic poem. Simply amazing thought
Was struck by this optimism as well and couldn't believe my eyes. Nothing like Milosz indeed. As a matter of fact It saves austere and transparent phrases From the filthy discord of tortured words. reminded me of 'honest inteligetia' concept (just a personal association) . This is indeed a highly complex writing with a 20th century circumference...so nothing new under the sun?
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