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Incantations Of Speech
(5 May 1956 - / Sinapali, Nuapara, Orissa / India)

Incantations Of Speech

Poem By Harekrishna Meher

I'm the supreme empress
and the bestower of prosperity to the devotees.
I'm the omniscient goddess
and the first among the adorable deities.
Gods have borne me in many forms,
me who has entered
in many creatures
and has existed in many places.

A person who sees, who takes breath
and who hears the word spoken,
verily eats food through me.
They who do not know this,
also remain by my side.
Listen, O Listener!
For you, I'm speaking some thing
filled with sincere faith.

I myself in sooth speak this
which is endearingly accepted
by gods and human beings.
Whomsoever I wish,
I make him powerful;
I make him a creator;
I make him a seer of incantation,
also make him excellently wise.

To slay the person
who expresses inimical attitude
towards the hymnal prayer,
I expand the bow for Rudra
by placing his arrow there.
For the worshipper,
I wage battle against the foes.
I've indeed encompassed
all the heavenly region
as well as the mundane world.

I've created the father, heaven,
over the head of this earth.
My abode of creation
is in the deep waters of ocean.
From there gradually
I've permeated all the worlds
and have touched the very heaven
with my forehead.

Like Wind, I verily blow
holding all the worlds.
Pervading beyond the heaven,
beyond this earth also,
so mighty I do stand
with my own valour grand.

= = = = =

(Translated From Original Sanskrit ‘Vā k-Sū ktam’, RigVeda by the poet himself]

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