Happy Birthday To Me

Born I am and I call myself the Novemberman. November 4th my journey begun as I was kicking as a fetus, This was in an event where I was carried in my mothers womb for 9 months.
she never gave up on me, No! she loved me from the very beginning.
On November the 4th I was was born. I was not born as an ordinary being but as that special being. '
I was born for a purpose, to live for a reason. to be able to touch somebody's heart. Not just to admire but also to be able to inspire someone.
I am that baby that was born to be that mouth piece of many, calling a spade a spade a spade.
I am that baby that was born to love and to be loved in return.
I am that baby that was born to be innovative and spread the innovations not just into ideas but into reality.
I am that baby that comes up to add some laughter into your life as I come up with Tiponteko dot com.
I am that baby that remembers you in your happy occasions as we on daily basis wish many that special birthday.
I am that baby that has risen to talk about the badness of GBV in in it's angles as we run the page The fight against Gender Based Violence.
I am that baby that cares for you, A baby that cherishes and loves you.
I am the November 4th baby, your birthday boy, My name is
Preston Mwiinga. Happy birthday to all the November babies, we love you. Happy birthday to all the November 4th babies.
Please join me in making this day today Saturday and Sabbath to the Adventists that special day. for me only, stay away from anger, but embrace love for one another, do that and you will contribute in helping me celebrating my birthday.
I thank You.

by Preston Mwiinga

Comments (3)

Great to see your work surfacing again Kelly. A finely worked engaging and visual piece. Like Max, it's got me thinking and that is no bad thing at all.
I haven't put this poem all together yet, but I find many of your images, and much of your language, extremely beautiful, and wanted to say that. I even learned something, looking up 'contrails' and 'probative'!
Nice images here, Vinal. Good poem. -LP