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IO ifedayo oshin ( / Ondo, Nigeria)


We walked, whispered under the watchful
Eyes of the moon and the stars
In desolate deserts, gardens, and streets
We were like the last surviving members
Of an old cabin crew
Then we knotted a tie in the hermit’s hut
At the end of the season
We became three, actually two
For she that came was
The chick of the hold hen
Our joy knew no bound till the ripening of her age
A step into the second decade
Then the man, who shared all this with me
‘T was even he that raped my daughter
: He had been to a seer;
‘By the child shall a child come
To end my night of darkness
And open my womb for another child; a male child
To fulfill, he, my husband
Must take like Abraham, our Mercy
Not for kill, but to lay
The only child; our daughter
As a man with a woman’
So saw the seer.
And thus heeded he
Under the roof our union
The man, the father and my husband
Plucked and plundered the only fruit of our union
Lost and in lust spilled a pristine blood on a cold floor
Thrust and quivered between his daughter’s thighs
My husband and her father
Laid with his daughter, my daughter
As with me
In my pains I writhed
As I cross the boundary of life to death
But to my eternal regrets
I heard the abominable wails
Of sacrificial lamb saying
“Mother! Mother! Where are you mother?
See what father has done to me!

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You need someway to vent. I know how it feels and your child needs to feel safe again, in your home.