Incest Prayer

Poem By Keri Jopplin

Jesus was born for us to believe,
The same as children, why can't we be!
I was born to live, love and dance;
To hold my head high, my walk a prance.

For children of love, it's why we are born.
Not for sex or some damn porn!
Jesus came from Joseph and Mary.
My parents gave me the proud name of Keri.

Just like Jesus we're sacrificed too,
By uncles and fathers to name a few.
Living on hope and the wing of a prayer;
Jesus is love, Jesus does care!

This is for those who used and abused.
I use no names, I haven't accused.
This is the truth as I write no lie,
I'll cross my heart and hope to die!

We haven't forgave them and we haven't forgot,
Jesus has to forgive for we cannot!
This is my prayer and it's read in dedication.
For I was a victim of child molestation.

Keri Jopplin

Comments about Incest Prayer

Very spirited and brave poem here Keri. It is something you can never really 'get over' and writing poetry is a good way to get some of your power back! A very good piece of writing. God Bless.

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