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Poem By Edi Miszti

My arrogance will shine in this poem
while I explain your common incompetence
You anger yourselfs while I ask my questions
You arent even trying or you cant even think of the meaning
But you rush like animals to retaliate
because maybe some meaning slipped in your narrow minds
and you are trying to cover the truth
or more possibly its just your slow mind
thats only fast at runinng in the cube but gets tiered
when they reach the open door in that littlel place

Ah, when I look at your heads
I can imagine a quarter of a quarter of your mind
that is pulsating with a very high frequency of boredom and repetition
And I try to imagine the rest of your brain, but its really hard:
'There are steel bars everywhere!
It looks like a wonderful place but looking at the dust
you can see that it has been rarely seen! '

Nice day today! Sunny, warm! Nice...
It means I can go through the fields, through the mountains
But to you it only means its nice
There’s nothing specific you can do in this wheatear
This wheatear only influences your mood
That’s so normal, sooo common
Its breaking me apart
Hmm, am I exaggerating?
Even though I don’t know you that well, I may know what your capabel of
The cube gets littler and littler
because there’s no resistance involved

You should keep fighting
but except the will you don’t have
you aren’t even realizing that the cube gets smaller
That your minds individualism is being overpowered
by the common living of life
You are the pawns of normal living
The bringers of repetition, nothing will surprise you
and what will, will scare you
You become immune to trippines

You have no dreams. Nothing to achive.Nothing to live for
Just for the expected and repetitive future
You can only see yourselves doing the same thing
till the cube of repetition becomes a dot
and that dot will grow very little in the course of life
That dot is all the things your able to think of
all the things that you will do
Its the same thing over and over again
And I call this, arrogantly, INCOMPETENCE.

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