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Birth Control Is Murder!
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Birth Control Is Murder!

Poem By Ramona Thompson

A dreary wet day with rain falling from the sky
Damp, dark and lonely to the mind; as seen by the eye
Does not the earth need its nourshment in order to renew?
Not just for me but more importantly; for you and you.

Another gift that the human mind does not find fault
As tho the gifts for life are locked in a human vault
Some see and acknowledge but never unwrap
For to open the gift we may feel trapped.

It is the rain that does good for both you and me
For without it there would be not a single tree
Walk in the rain and thank God which gave it to us
Not just for nature; but belief in the human trust.

It is evening and the rain has ceased to fall
To feed the soul and fill the wells not for each, but for all
Now the tender and warm air comes from the south
As an enfolding breath from the creator's own mouth.

10-24-05 Aho Speaks.

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