Incomplete Jigsaw

You wake up in the morning
With a dream still in your head,
And you’re nowhere near to sorting it all out.
As the daylight comes at dawning
Up you get and leave your bed,
All’s confusion, giving you so much misdoubt.

Trying to sift through what is left
Within your dazed sub-conscious mind,
Things aren’t fitting, it’s an incomplete jigsaw.
Makes you feel somewhat bereft
When nothing concrete seems defined,
And quick flashes are too difficult to explore.

Yet a feeling stays around you,
Of some other, different sphere,
One where all your inhibitions had taken flight.
But when reality breaks through,
And you’re back with your veneer,
Then the dream is just a phantom of the night.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (8)

Start at the edges and work your way inwards! Great poem Ernestine. Love, Andrew x
Deciphering incomplete jigsaw indeed - love the way you have put this together Ernestine, nothing incomplete there...Justine x
disorienting, but the picture will eventually come together... -chuck
Eerily well described Ernestine. Perfect title. Perfect composition. t x
What a fascinating subject and so skillfully presented. There is something that touches the creative soul in these moments between waking and sleeping and your have captured it superbly in this wonderful piece. Yes, incomplete jigsaw says it all. love, Allie xxxx
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