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Incomplete Journey...
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Incomplete Journey...

...vacations started but ended soon,

travelling in the train and watchin' the sky with no moon.

I was little sad but happy too,

left far away my home, getting' close to the place that looked so new.

I was standin' at the door, appreciating every moment that goes by,

watchin' those lil lil huts and children all saying bye-bye.

many of those things werent new to me now,

But there was something that looked unusual, i wanted to exlain but dont know how? ? ?

Everything looked fine, we were travelling at great speed now,

But suddenly everything came to a standstill, well it was a breakdown.

We all moved out serachin' for some mean,

instead i turned right towards a jungle, unfolding its night beauty unseen.

Dark it was and scary too,

irresistable were the sounds from the jungle and stars in sky, moment back which was blue.

I kept walking and for many hours i dont know why?

rabbits zig-zag and deers firght back all of them so shy.

It wouldnt have been more i asked for,

When i found myself close to the waterfall.

OMG i said, '...am i dead! ! ! or still alive? '

Birds chirping, water flowing and those sounds, it was truely a paradise.

I loved the place so much, wanted to be there for some more time,

but gettin' back to the train that could move any time, struggled my mind.

When i saw a cute girl, i asked'What are you doing? '

She pointed out to her lil puppy that loves running.

She was afraid but not after we had a long chat,

Its time to move, i searched my bag and offered her a Kit-Kat.

She was so happy, she made a friend new,

little she knew, she would be alone again in her lonely blues.

Well little i knew that god gifted her a paradise,

She gave me a kiss and said 'you were so nice...'

I an hour i was in my train,

thought if i was dreaming or if it was the same.

I wasnt happy as i left place where there was so much to see,

In short i describe it as a incomplete journey.

3rd January 2005

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