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Incomplete Pass

Dreamed of you again last night
Cooked hot dogs on the grill up on the rooftop
Wearing my football jersey number eighteen
Squirted ketchup at me and said I lost
Test my skills and throw rocks my way
Incomplete passes you say
But you promised me a pass of a lifetime
Just wait and see you say
Tackled you on the rooftop and I
Sacked, I say

The game is over you claim
And take my jersey away
Over my head it goes
Tossed to the side of our make believe endzone
Hands on me, in me, caressing, owning
Kisses deep and slow, loving, playing, pleasuring
Looking in me, deep in my soul, at me, imagining, excited
Looking through me like glass, your every touch sending fire
Quick fire spurts shoot down my legs, almost scoring my touchdown, yet a
yard away
You smile and ask what will be my victory dance as my back arches towards
you pushing us closer, deeper
Out of breath, exploding into your chest, into your arms, into your soul
Exhaustion takes over as I lie next to you
An autograph shall do I say, after scoring a touchdown in both endzones

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