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Inconspicuous Love
(November 25,1988 / Pensacola)

Inconspicuous Love

Poem By Baby Blue

One glance, one glisten,
Thats all it takes
To make my heart sink deep.

A smirking smile
Causing me to grow weak;
Cheeks brushed by pink rose petals,
Bowing my head to hide,
Trying not to be too obvious.

I dream that your heart beats faster
As mine does whenever you are near.
I pray you see, that I hope you like me too.
And if you do, somehow give me a clue,
As i have tried to give to you.

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Comments (1)

this is a great and emotionall poem... i really feel you on this too. i havent been able to find a poem that could express me fully but this one is just the one! i love this poem. i hope you keep on writing poems like this. thank you! :)