He Decides To Change His Tune

I'm getting more and more uptight,
My verse is empty and it's trite!
I'd like to write some decent stuff
'Cos I'm sure the Reader's had enough!

Enough of 'stars' and 'I love you so',
Enough of heartache and of woe,
Enough of angels 'up above',
Enough of goddamned 'endless love'!

I really wish I'd change my tune
(With no more talk of the stars and moon)
Let's get down to the nitty-gritty
And not demand the Reader's pity! !

I guess I loved her quite a lot,
But I hear you say to me 'So what! '
From now on I will change my ways
And not be stuck with my darling's praise,

I may not find a dear, sweet wife
But I promise that I'll GET A LIFE! !
To hell with heartache and with tears,
I raise my glass and I'm saying 'Cheers! '

Love's just a biological trick
Or the hunger of some lonesome pr*ck,
'Cos humankind must propagate,
That's their simple, tedious, boring Fate! !

by John Thorkild Ellison

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