Blessed Thanksgiving Day 2016

'Count your many Thanksgiving blessings, and name them one by one.
And you will be grateful for what Jesus Christ, God's only
begotten Son has done.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day. While in the world around us
there are reasons to be afraid. Poverty and war are every where.
Compassionate and Christian people really do care.

Surrounded by friends and family. Getting along the very best
they know how. Does anybody offer up a 'sacred cows.'
Enjoying one of your holiday feasts, offer up to God
a prayer for peace!

Reach out and touch people less fortunate than you!
God will richly bless everything you say and do.
Good works will not pay your way into heaven.
The admission price has already been paid.
There really is life beyond the grave!

Will you be attending your house of worship?
Are there any reasons beyond just feeling good?
Dry the tear drops from your eyes. Jesus Christ
truly does love you! Have a happy Thanksgiving
Day where ever you go, and whatever you do!

by Roxanne Dubarry

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