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Indeed We Were One And Now Are Strangely Not

Indeed we were one and now are strangely not
The love is ever hot and all in wide eyes begot
Your supine spine thrills even yet to my rude touch
You are now another’s. Surprisingly, it hurts so much.

Holding you I must hear deep unwanted words
Seeing it all before you, in cards of cruel swords
Mourning, dreams, it is true, I grieve and howl
But beg, I’ll not, for your sweet glorious bowl.

Our togetherness, soft cocoon, only us, all forever lost,
Formal ties are un-declared. Dour thoughts embossed.
Suddenly sharp the time for final goodbye is upon us
Reform the features, and still the heart’s crazy fuss.

You are so vulnerable, I cannot express, ever so
His face between us, a kind and expected foe.
He enjoins you to smile, your head rests upon his
You fall ever happy, won you, not hard to miss.

Chances missed, I remember the present, judging well.
Is love renewed possible? Or does alone equal hell?
Hearts open, cool even as they spill hot tears
Hard faces turn away, and then well, who cares?

Coffees now, take the place of skin upraised
I watch, as, by other men, you are appraised.
Inwardly, as I hear you cry for love, hidden, soft
I howl unloved, unheard by gods below or aloft

Anyway, I thank you for your open and loving truth
Even as the pain shouts, keen as pulled tooth.
You are a rich vulnerable tapestry, a girl so unexpected,
And I now, your erstwhile lover seeking, a friend redirected.

This is the last, and even now should be unsent
like Eros's wounding arrow from it's target bent,
like a wild eye melding yours, dark and fervent
Our love is done and our lonely hearts now well spent.

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