In Memoriam

In memoriam
- - - - - - - - -
I remember
That sweet September
I was alone
I walked upon
A dusty funny road
Leading to your native land
Well past a furlong
Came across the springy
Fine green turf
And field, cottages
Trees and sky
The sky looked clean
And road uneven
Trees bathed in sunshine
Raised their boughs
To the sky
To the heaven
And the rural sweet smells
Wafting on the evening breeze
Each vista looking
Like dreams of yesterday's evening
Being drunk with the wine
Of your presence seeming
And being inquisitive and ecstatic
I asked all beside
Trees, boughs, flowers and skies
And saw your sweet countenance inside
No word was spoken
Yet I could hear you
Speaking in my ear
Oh no, I was not alone
Me and your dear memory
As the sweetest company
Walking together till
I was lost
In your sweet and subtle melody
Echoing everywhere
That brought me here………..


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Comments (2)

This is such a great example of his wonderful way with words! Love this poem!
He is a phenomenal all of his works...