Reach out to the leaves
As they fall from the trees
All at once the wind makes them run

They fly off alone
Each on their own
To wherever the breeze sends them

Now free to roam
Away from their home
Declaring their own independence

by Brian Dorn

Comments (16)

One I've not seen or heard before... I like it.
Brian, this is very visual. I liked it. It portrayed autumn very well. I also got the feeling that you wished you were one of those leaves being carried away to somewhere else by the wind. Great write. Thanks for sharing it. David
Just a trace perhaps of a wistful wish that you could follow in this lovely depiction of autumn, and a matching state of mind. jim
Apparently, you speak leaf language very well. Beautiful poem, Brian. Warm regards, Sandra
It's nice when the wind blows them back this way everyonce in a while. My oldest leaf, I mean daughter is roaming quite far but in physical distance only. I guess I'm going through half an empty nest syndrome as still have one more to go, it seems to soon. I love this poem, it speaks to me of the cycle of nature...the cycle of life. All the best, Diane
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