SN (1/5/90 / Savannah Georgia)


When i find myself alone
and look around and see
no one else is there
i look deep inside of me

no one to my left
and no one to my right
everyone behind
i cannot see this light

never will i give
my heart away again
ive put it through so much
it cannot ever win

now im gonna put
my right foot out in front
im gonna keep on walking
and no longer will i hunt

for another to lean against
no other to depend
ill only depend upon myself
its the only way
i win

they never truly give
the one thing that i need
a true best friend beside me
my true best friend is me

so long you think you know them
but then they show their face
your breathing slowly now
was it all a waste

no i wouldnt take it back
but i do want you to know
my trust is buried and hidden
and never can it show

so dont let them have your heart
never ever depend
on another soul to lean against
for then,
you'll never win.......

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