WMP (October 1951 / London, UK)


No food,
No hope
The old man
Is past caring.
But the boy laughs
At his peeling skin.

He has no hope either
But being young
He thinks nothing is hopeless
When you are alive,
Even a swollen belly.

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Willow...You write so well about meaningful topics...what a wonderful poet you are! ! Hugs, Dee
Sir thank you so much for lightening the drawback of India. I feel that the saddest episode in the entire history of India that has ever shown its ugly face is that of present. where we have some of the best leaders like the Mahatma and Indira and Nehru and Abdul Kalam and Manmohan and Chidambaram and Sonia (and the list goes on) , we also have some insects who suck every dropp of blood from the people. but sir now the people are slowly rising and fighting back and had it if India is not changed and completely developed within the coming 10-15 years. we can then challenge our past and grow towards eternity Lubna
I could cry at reading this, my hope is that if people read poems like this it will set a reminder that more help is needed.You have reminded one at least and thats for sure and as a result my birthday money will be spent on THE GOOD GIFT GUIDE CHARITY which will go towards those in need in India.Love Duncan
Hello, Pearse, nice to meet you here. I like this poem and wish to continue reading your poems. Rajbir