India- On Thy 60th Independence!

They ripped thy honor apart,
Bounded in chains, thy innocuous soul,
Thy terrain drenched in blood, tortured heart!
Sadists continually then tortured thy soul!

Thy children then arose, inferno deep within rose,
Gallantly then moved for thy safety,
Sacrificed lives with laugh, did never remorse!
Thy children drained sadists' guts valiantly!

Thy sons laughed off bullets on chests….
Laughed whilst dying for you,
And amidst echoes of viciousness,
Thy children brought freedom for you!

Basis of our independence, our liberty,
Grateful to thy children, we revere them!
Sacrificed for thee, died for our prosperity,
Our gratis future, we salute them!

Thy name, we promise to shine,
Thy honor, we promise to excel,
Oh our motherland, India, our lifeline,
We assure thee, prospect to be all well!

Copyright © 2008 SYED AMAAN AHMAD


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