Poem By sakshi mathur

india is a country of livelihood
where everyone follows the motto of brotherhood
everyone is helpful and nice
people r wise
india is the best

immense prosperity
good relations
perfect trade
best humanity
and good determination

many religions
strong love
utmost caring
selfless sharing
everything is found in india

Comments about India

i want to go to india so much i just love every thing about it
I love your poem. So many do not understand this spirit of India. It makes me sad that people miss India's beautiful generous spirit. India is the only country I have seen that allows the poor to build themselves shelters on the streets and doesn't harrass those with no where else to sleep. The poverty of India is great but so are the compassionate hands of understanding. Always from what I could see there are at least one pair of brown eyes next to anyone's misfortune. India is a place where no one can be lonely and this is something western civilization cannot compete with. What is worse poverty of the heart or of the body? India's problem is only one of these. Western civilization is full of the heart's poverty.
Sakshi... living to be an Indian? i liked this poem but alas i cry at the deteriorating condition of the poor and low standard people. let us vow to make India a still Better India Lubna
Sakshi, it is the fact you have told. India is a Dharmic Country, that never went in war with other countries for any material gain, but it spread always the message of peace and love. True, India is a peace loving country. I too love India very much like you.
hey i just left india and this poem reminds me of india....well all things u wrote is true abut india, , , its like..india is the best and it will be best..good job...............ASHKA

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