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Indian Brave Momo

Little boy Momo taking it real slow
Trying to be Indian brave
Trying to put his foot in that canoe
He falls into the water, it keeps slipping away

He climbs up on his pony and in the water rides in
From this I’ll jump right in
So up on it’s back he stands up straight and tall
But when he jumps, he’s in the water again

Little boy Momo shaking his head no
No, this wont ever do
I’ll climb up in that tree and I’ll swing from that vine
And when I’m overhead…but the branch was dead!

Now here comes Moma Momo walking up real slow
Momo, what you trying to do?
I’m trying to make myself an Indian brave
If I can only get myself in that canoe!

Moma Momo laughs and she says son
You are only nine years today
Plenty of time just for living
No time to worry an Indian brave

At least we know when you are one day
I don’t say to be mean
At least we know when you a Indian brave
Indian brave Momo very clean!


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