Indian English Poetry

Indian English poetry,
Indian not,
But Hindi, Bengali in English,
Punjabi, Haryanvi, Cchatishgarhi in English,
Gujarati, Marathi in English,
Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, Kannada in English,
Bihari Bhojupuri,
Tribal Santhali, mundari, Ho,
Northeastern Asamese, Manipuri and Nagamese in English,
Oriya, Kashmiri, Sikkimese in English.

English English,
There is no alternative to it
And to say of, Indian English,
Which is but a misnomer,
Whose English,
Where's English,
English not spoken in India,
Nor does it have a feeder dialect here,
English of England, English of the United States of America.

English is but a link language here,
A library-consulting one,
A translator's version,
Had been a colonial imposition,
Now is a reality, a dream,
A language of science and technology,
Invention and discovery,
Communication and its transmission,
Global and cosmopolitan.

Indian English poetry
Is poetry translated and rendered into English,
Transcreated from,
The writer thinks in one language,
Writes in another,
Labours hard for,
Tries to perfect it
Going through the classics
Old and new,
The treatises doing the rounds,
The theories in practice.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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