Indian Republic Day

Respect the Flag,
For it Represents,
Our Self-Respect and,
Our Sovereignty;

Praise the Tri-Colour,
For it Resembles Our,
Religious Harmony,
Saffron - The Hindus,
White - The Christians,
Green - The Muslims;

Salute The Hoisted Mast,
A Token of Gratitude,
Conveyed To Martyrs of,
Long Freedom Struggle,
Those Fought Violently,
Those Fought in Silence,
And In Non-Violence,
With Great Resilience;

Observe the Central Wheel,
'The Great Asoka Chakra',
Spokes of Which Reminds,
Numerous Struggles Of Our,
Region's Peace Efforts;

Badges of Flag Pinned,
Firm To Our Chest,
Reflects the Oath of,
Pledge by Indians ALL,
Kashmir To Kanyakumari,
And Migrants Else Where,
Pro-claims The Republic &,
Constitutional Values,
Of 'Indian Union', The
World's Largest Democracy;

by Naga Vamshidhar Ratakonda

Comments (1)

Hats off to you, Naga, for so brilliantly putting across the spirit of our National symbols as well as the values our great Republic stands for. This is indeed a matter of pride for all of us.