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A man, gayly singing a song, was pondering the question of right or wrong.
Shall I all gay and happy be, while others dwell in misery?
What are the cares of others to me, when I, from misery, am free?
Should I be as canny as Lot, or abide by the rules of Camelot?
Should I consider the One who sees, or dwell in the realms of Mephistopheles?
Then, without finishing his song, he turns his back and goes merrily along!
What a Day! What a Day! Today I almost had a fight, with my one and only companion, Starlight!
As I have done now, for quite some time, I let her out, after feeding her on time.
When Lo and Behold! as I in my living room sat that beautiful, lovely, wonderful cat
Came running into the house, with a mouse in her mouth! What a day! What a day!
No way would she take it back out, no matter how much I pled and shout!
Fortunately, the mouse was demised, leaving me with a task that I despised!
A dead mouse you cannot save. You must take time to put it in a grave.
So, that's what I did that day--What a day! What a day!
Fear Not Fear not the 'morrow, the 'morrow will always be.
Fear not sorrow, no sorrow abides in me.
Fear not darkness, God is there with thee.
Fear not death, there is Eternity.

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