I said,—for Love was laggard, O, Love was slow to come,—
"I'll hear his step and know his step when I am warm in
But I'll never leave my pillow, though there be some
As would let him in—and take him in with tears!" I said.
I lay,—for Love was laggard, O, he came not until dawn,—
I lay and listened for his step and could not get to sleep;
And he found me at my window with my big cloak on,
All sorry with the tears some folks might weep!

by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Comments (3)

According to what I got the poem is about social injustice. Edna is striving to gain what she is not given under capitalism.
My interpretation: a woman who's finally fed up with the man carousing all night. Nicely written piece!
I understand. There is no need to say more, she said it.