'Indisposable Feelings For Her'

For all these days even at prime
I have chosen to live as I was born from that womb
Having no twin sister or brother, although
Siblings inevitable, having no jewel
Which I may say is of inestimable value
I chose to live like Jabez even Ebedodom

For years their are thoughts kept with myself
Even though with little silver spoon in my mouth
Was I born in our little mansion
With few in our populace
Though they say I was a pagan with infidelity
But if paganism nurtures lucidity
I would rather be an atheist ten times my generation

In my ghetto sitting taking little
Yam and water do I ruminate of these experiences
Sweet sour and bitter butter many were they
Those I could not divulge I thought hoping I was alone
Hoping my dreams will take me there I mean
The Canaan land I have longing to nitch

This fate less fateful morning do I wake stepping out
I found this onyx then my groans I felt were wiped
Cos I never saw an angel with such glowing sepals
These feelings beneath I never know how to betray
This is unusual of me retaining my manhood glory

Who will help break this cold ice
My fears were mounted, the courage do I lack
Oh baby I wish I could hold tight till our booming doomsday
I wish I sleep this off
Getting it off my neck to sing with her
A song we never sing twice
Maybe I may feel I was never alone.

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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