Indistinct Treasure

All colours my life labours to bid
I locked in treasure I adored most,
All jewels I picked along long walk
I framed in gold and treasured in it,
For, I found my light, temple, roots,
My soul and its values, throbbing in it;
I found my self in reflection from it,
My needs and desires, goals alive in it;
I breathed that, and truly lived for it.

It floated distinct in distant horizon,
Oft moving nearer, oft fleeing farer,
But never set from my ardent eyes
That fixed there its gaze day and night.

As years passed, my eyes lose sight,
I find indistinct, horizon, my treasure;
Deeper I stare, goes horizon indistinct,
Yet I know, treasure lurks somewhere,
And hopes, somehow I pick up my due;
My hands are short; horizon, very far,
And eyes do fail to throw light across;
Time is the key in the short span of life,
All shall go well while time runs right.

by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

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Its values! Nice work.