RS (February 21,1989 / Werthiem Germany)


This world breeds insecurity.
From our emergence out of child,
sun-dappled, sweet -meloned childhood,
to the hectic responsibility of reality.

We become fools of our society;
Always giving up and giving in.
sticking to the “popular” game -
Just searching for some plaudity.

Obscure becomes abnormalities,
hidden away as blasphemy.
No rough edges are permitted here
in this place of virtuities.

Behind masks of pretending - of conformity,
we are left to wither and to die.
Until finally we find ourselves crushed
by the weight of increasing uniformity.

We become lost on the road to individuality
as forced images warp minds and souls
leaving nothing left but traces of flesh and bone.
Left waiting - buried in perversity.

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