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Industry Lost
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Industry Lost

Poem By Ray Feasey

The manufacturing industry was once so great and strong
However if you seek it now, in the UK – It’s Gone!
The more or less complete demise is clear as seldom things are built
Yet those in power across the years refuse to share the guilt

Today I read financially how we are the 5th largest economy
It makes me think of future careers, the apprentiships that will not be
Can it be just time honored change that means our children need to strive?
To learn a work ethic of self sufficiency in careers of a different guise

With Leisure and finance growing fast are the new roles in this sphere?
If this is true then is there not need for educational change to adhere
Things need to change I am aware and welcome mostly this
Yet somehow still I have concerns for my children’s futures bliss

Let future planning take account of future roles and life
So that never again can a complete demise of industry be a blight!

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