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Poem By Eudora M.A.S.S.A.

Even though the room was silent
No one could hear him scream
Or no one seemed to care
And although everyone knew him
They pretended he wasn't there
He tried to give signals
He tried to give signs
Still no one ever seemed to hear his desperate cries

Frustrated and exasperated
He felt alone and abandoned
He felt useless, worthless and unloved
He wanted the world to notice who he was
He wanted attention
And demanded it now
So he took the gun and stepped outside
And he used it for the very first time

Everyone was shocked they did not see it coming
But all the while it was inevitable
This is what you will get
When you treat someone with neglect
You all know as do I
First times lead to second tries
With no remorse and no hesitation
He will commit another violation

One more time
The once sweet boy
Will repeat the crime

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