Inevitable Predilection

I'm a victim of yours. Ever so darkly falling deeper and deeper in your heart. Your eyes make me go feral, as the world is turning abyss. Your deadly kiss carries me through the layers of your charm, so immoral and abstruse. My misery goes deep into the ground of hell.
That smile of enchantment makes me go abominable. Making me absorb into your galaxy, abrading all the sadness of my existence. Erasing away all my torment, all my sores. The abhorrence is all gone.
Your embrace forces me to feel etiolated. Arms wrapped against my waist, not ever letting go.
At dark, your voice tracks me down to the earth, haunting me close. Circling my mind whispering everything you have said retelling over and over again. Soothing and calming down my insanity, as if it were a hallucination.
So esoteric, no one but you comprehends the authentic me. Those three words weren't ever questioned, but as if we understood one another without uttering a sound. We were meant to be together for eternal life, as of mine, a vitae, filled with anguish and plague. But thanks to you, the three most magical words are spoken; I love you.

by Anne Loo

Comments (2)

This poem was really amazing. The words used to describe the poem are really good as well. Well done :)
It is when I read something like this that everything seems to be worthwhile in poetry. And in prose. Which is what this really is. This prose is so well done, that it would be useful at any reading of such. I hope it will be. GW62