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The Transition

Yesterday I was a kid
Playing kid games with shes claiming it was dating
We always talk about love, we were just debating
Saying we knew love not knowing we were crawling
Then I was shot by by cupid
My eyes opened
My heart started beating
My joints started moving
My skin started feeling
My head started thinking
I started breathing
meaning I started living
in the true realms of love undisputed
Cupids arrow killed my immaturity
Filled me with purity
and thought me Love not immorality
I grew from growth to a level beyond reality
I died in darkness to live in brightness
I found totality and forgot doubts of impossibility
i stopped the informality to take responsibility
of having one and only
true love
I stop to fly around pretending to be a dove
Love made me Me, no jokes
Love made me a Man and this is The Transition

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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This poem was really amazing. The words used to describe the poem are really good as well. Well done :)
It is when I read something like this that everything seems to be worthwhile in poetry. And in prose. Which is what this really is. This prose is so well done, that it would be useful at any reading of such. I hope it will be. GW62