Inevitable Retribution

The wooing wholesome elaboration threads the mystical metaphor
interpolating and weaving illimitable ornamentations.
We implore the ruthless and merciless to conjure a reflective temperance
reenacting a continuous apotheosis taming the nefarious.
The karma of the despicable tyrants will accumulate at heaven's door
beckoning the lost apparitions to evolve an impenetrable allegiance.
The phantasm is the playground for the scripts of the notorious
inventing shock waves to commence a tumult with a nightmare so precarious.
Beguiling the wayward adolescent desperados to courageously endure
the rejuvenating exhilarating impulses that edify their very essence.
The flourishing passions of hypnotic reverberations
evolve a constant fluctuation effectuating the supernal presence
actuating the recurring motives of an developing splendor.
Returning to the scenarios of the nightly creatures with their horror pure
we avoid their sadism as demons appear with an horrific demeanor.
Never ending vibrations petition the wandering spirits in various
beckoning refrains alluring the baffled bystanders to surrender.
Alerting the wandering somnambulistic spirits in their fascination
to visit the iniquitous hosts with a toast of revenge for the dreamer.
The unspeakable beheading at the guillotine and later a castration
left the heartless for the hyenas or for the lust of the great pretender.
In the bosom of the perpetual Lilith we then accentuate our resonance
in unison with primeval resources beseeching the gregarious.
Congruent to a pivotal and prominent tendency the congregation
enshrouds the epitome of an unimaginable thunder
perplexing the inquisitive in their quest toward a profound illumination.
Incantations initiate a sophistication of harmonious exaltations
uplifting the metaphysical perceptions of an eclectic and collective significance.
Unfathomable recitations stimulate an influx of unblemished innocence
encompassing the blossoming consciousness in transformation.
The voices of babbling infants shed wisdom upon the superfluous.
Indicative of the presumptuous disposition the inspired ascender
proceeds as he takes wing in astral projective deliverance.
Approaching the spiritual threshold the enlightened revel in perfect wonders
consoling the tribulations of bewilderment while exceeding all ambivalence.

by Paul Amrod

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