! Infamous Disgrace (Ph Advertising Commentary 2014)

Overrun by

No longer serves
The interests of
A serious

To highlighting
The heroic
Efforts of poets

It has lost the
Vision of its
Poignant mission

As a site that
Features poems
Them to readers

Enjoyment of
Rhythmic words
Fosters growth

In poetic
Advances the
Cause of poets

It is now a
Slave to many
Money hungry

Poem pages
Filled with bad taste
Invasive ads
That overwhelm

The poems and any
Relevant info
Reader comments
Or responses

Most egregious
By poet authors
Are videos

Poems ‘read' by
Monotone voice
A blaring ad

After a few
Poetic lines
Disrupting the

Rhythm and flow
Of albeit
Creepy ‘reading'
Of written words

A once noble
Site is disgraced
In infamy

by Alice Vedral Rivera

Comments (2)

Also why does ph always ask me if a I want to stay signed in and then never keep me signed in? With the increased revenue they are making they could actually be working on things like that. Or allow you to organize your favorite poems into categories.
Everything good in a capitalist society is eventually corrupted by money. EVERYTHING! Money has become the sole reason for existing in America. It doesn't matter how an something starts out (artistic, altruistic ect.) money always makes its way in and slowly begins to rule. ALWAYS. To me some of the worst advertising comes from users who write a three word commentary on your poem, and then ask you to read their poem. I never read their poems. When someone writes a good, thoughtful response and does not ask me to read their poem, that's when I check out their profile and read their poems.