God Is By My Side

God helps me and always holds my hand
For He surely knows and He understands
My happy moments and challenges of life
And He helps in life to overcome and survive

God is loving, caring and gracious all the time
He stands by my side in life's painful rhyme
And He solves my problems big and small
And showers His uncountable blessings fall

For God is my teacher and He is my best friend
His love and mercy has neither bounds nor ends
He helps me to deal with my feeling's wall
And to clear my mind of negativity and all

God hears my cries and my prayers wide
He holds my hands and stands by my side
For He listens to my quivering voice and appeal
When I'm inflicted with pain He helps me heal

I call my Gracious Lord in time of joy and pain
He is always present for me in prayer's lane
He knows my sacrifices and gives me reward
For He is the Omnipotent and the Almighty God.

Have A Blessed Day

by Seema Chowdhury

Comments (2)

Patrick, I loved this poem - it is like the infant's breath - immeasurable - expanding displacing and placing a barrier to discord - if Hitler's breath is still out there as a malignant force(a friend's comment) then too, so must the Christ child's It brings home to me, the need for silence - a beautiful poem
A touching testament of faith, Patrick. This acceptance of Saviour as the bringer of inner peace and the shield against discord from without will resonate with many. I love the last three lines and the idea of that beautiful silence which is far more than the absence of noise. Heartfelt and sincere; all that we may ask from any poet. JJ