Infant Breath

Fleshed from a mystery Source
Beginningless, the Bethlehem Baby's
Breathing far outvalues every
Human utterance and common resonance
That ever broke the
Silence of our world.
Each hidden discord, too, it
Hushes in the awestruck worshipper,
Birthing a precious music in the
Hearing of open hearts.
For, unmasked here at
His lowly manger-bed, we
Inhale His simple Truth.
And from the soothing
Rhythm of His quiet breath
A soul-embracing silence grows-
Deeper far than absences of
Earth's familiar sounds.

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by (Reverend) Patrick Deighan


Comments (2)

Patrick, I loved this poem - it is like the infant's breath - immeasurable - expanding displacing and placing a barrier to discord - if Hitler's breath is still out there as a malignant force(a friend's comment) then too, so must the Christ child's It brings home to me, the need for silence - a beautiful poem
A touching testament of faith, Patrick. This acceptance of Saviour as the bringer of inner peace and the shield against discord from without will resonate with many. I love the last three lines and the idea of that beautiful silence which is far more than the absence of noise. Heartfelt and sincere; all that we may ask from any poet. JJ