Odysseus To Calypso (Free Verse Sonnet)

(in answer to S. J. Pretorius)

Calypso here I do live in love totally free,
where you are sleeping against me in the dark night
and against me you are full of love, supple and soft,
a bliss for all of the my earthly desires,
still deep in my heart burns my old longing
of my country that waits on the other side of the ocean,
while I hear at night and in the day
the old afflictions of the sea and wind,
our passion makes everything bright and of nothing I am blinded
where constantly in my thoughts I do find new fervour,
do early in the morning notice the sun rising over the horizon,
do sometimes as a child and still as a man find you,
where you do free me from my own terrible pain time after time
but about the going away that is coming I am becoming without words.

[Reference: "Odusseus" by S. J. Pretorius.]

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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Need one for squads in fortnite? Anyone down?
Sweet joy befall all...very cute joyful poem
Sweet.........so gentle
Pure. Innocent. Sweet. Made me smile as I read.
Infant Joy? The joy of life?