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I felt my knees go weak,
In the moment I first layed eyes on you.
Lost for words, unable to speak.
Not knowing what to do.
Watching you from afar,
You never had a clue.
I didn't know who you were,
But I had to have you.
It's like a heavenly dream,
Love at first site.
To you I don't mean a thing,
Though I think of you day & night.
When you first spoke to me,
I wish you knew how I felt.
If only you could see.
My knees went weak,
And weaker, the more you spoke.
Taking in every word you said.
And in my heart they soaked.
There your words shall stay,
Until we meet again.
Thinking about you now,
Wandering, when?
When shall i speak to you?
When will we have a chance to get to know eachother?
Will you give me the time of day?
Or shall i continue to watch you from afar?
Living in a dream,
Because to you...
I do not mean a thing.

Jessie Mahoney Bathis 4-5-05

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A nice passionate expression full of love and desire.