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Infected Rendition
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Infected Rendition

Faced with immeasurable confrontation
I cry out in desperation
Filled to the brim with immense frustration
I search for answers with no education
Lost all hope for mediation.

My heart is now an infected abrasion
A drowning victim female Caucasian
My brain is screaming for an evacuation
I've no time now for deviation
Already let go of all expectations.

Emotional breakdown intervention
Insides knotted beyond all comprehension
Thickly hanging is this tension
But if you had only paid attention
Could've offered up some helpful prevention.

Close the door on this contradiction
My final pity party convention
Wake up and eat my mighty pretension
Followed by a dose of my illegal prescription
I wipe the blood off my glasses and focus my vision.

Couldn't keep up with the repetition
I have lost in life's competition
Wish there could've been a different rendition
That didn't have me in such a fragile condition
That didn't have me with such a mental affliction
That had me starting in the first place position
If only there would've been a different rendition.

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