Infested And Compromised

Concentrate on removing that stuff off your plate.
The 'stuff' that you ordered but now say you hate?
On the menu it may look tempting to please..
But the picture is painted,
To attract with its photography!

The presentation is meatless...
It's lacking of beef!
There's nothing to sink the teeth into...
Nothing worthy enough to repeat!
Hoping one might be ready,
For a taste of exquisite dessert...
But the chef that has mixed this wasted crap,
Gets paid under the table and lays in dirt!

This place was selected,
Since many thought they had 'arrived'!
But it seems more nastier at the top...
Than anyone of merit could ever realize.
There is much more filthyness,
With an urgency to be sanitized!
When those climbing to achieve prestigious success,
Leave those on the bottom...
Infested and compromised!

Unconcerned where they head,
Or how steep their nose dive!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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