Poem By ... suzyonelittledev

In her heart, mind and body
A war rages deep within
She’s trying to control her feelings
She’s trying not to commit a sin.

She’s always been so faithful
To him always been true
But something now is raging
And she doesn’t know what to do.

For there is all this passion
That burns her deep inside
Her body aches for something more
Than her partner can provide

For she needs love and affection
She needs to feel his touch
But all he does is push her away
This is hurting her oh so much.

Her heart it tells her one thing
Her head tells her tells her its wrong
But her body’s saying something else
The need has become to strong.

Her soul is being tormented
By the urge to quench her desires
She needs to feel a passionate kiss
To fuel her burning fires.

Soon will her heart be broken
For down the road she see’s
The very lonely path
Of infidelity.

And should she choose to take it
Take a walk upon this path
Would it make her a whole person
Instead of being half.

Would she feel love and affection
Would she feel passion to
Or will she feel more pain
For this thing that she might do.

Will it make her feel more alive
Or will it take it all away
Will it help her stop feeling lonely
Each and every day.

Or will it just create
Another illusion or fantasy
To stop her facing the truth
Of the problems of reality.

Will it make her happy
Or will make her cry
And if she goes and does it
Will another part of her die.

Will she feel so guilty
For his trust she might betray
And what about his feelings
Don’t they matter anyway.

The battle will continue
Between her mind, heart and body to
What part of her will win
She hasn’t got a clue.

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had to read 2 times, nice poem..............

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Some where in the darkeness
In the corners of my mind
There is a childhood memory
That I no longer want to find


when you are in the darkness
alone and feeling blue
tears falling down your face
wondering what to do.


why do I love you
when your face ive not seen
why do you haunt me
In reality and dreams

Love And Affection

You asked for love and affection
I gave it willingly
But did that give you the right
To be so cruel to me.


Don’t judge me for I never once judged you
Don’t tell me what I am supposed to do
Don’t tell me with whom I can speak
I am strong no longer weak.