Infinite Beauty

Looking over the fields towards the Sun,
Observing that the rain had just begun,
A freshness seemed to permeate the air,
And all that one could do was, stand and stare,
As something magical crept across the skies,
A vision that was reflected in my eyes.
A sight of infinite beauty, there to see,
One of the wonders given to us, for free.
Lovely colours blending, like a dream,
In subtle hues, an arched rainbow supreme.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (8)

This is a comment on the previous comments: yessss! ! Great poem!
A lovely picture of serenity Ernestine, Excellent work. Love Andrew x
A fine lyrical poem from a fine painter of words. Filled with colour and light, your words shine. Bless you Ernestine. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
What a lovely poem of the worlds beauty Ernestine. Rainbows almost seem magical don't they? How can such a thing appear? Oh, this was so nice! Sincerely, Mary
A perfect ode to a rainbow. Repeat for a double rainbow? Lovely. -chuck
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