(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)


I think back to that distant time
When you and I were one,
Since then the days have drifted by
And years have sadly gone,
I wish that I could tell you now
How much I truly care,
Then love would reach infinity
And find you waiting there.

I look upon the stars that shine
So brightly up above,
I know that you are watching too
And thinking of our love,
Although we are so far away
This moment we can share,
But as I gaze into infinity
I only feel despair.

I close my eyes and then pretend
That you are next to me,
And wish that you were mine and pray
One day that it shall be,
I long the time we'll meet again
Yet lands lie frozen white,
And dreams head to infinity
And are lost into the night.

And now I find myself alone
I have no place to go,
All roads alas seem closed to me
And each is filled with woe,
I wish that I could find you
But I cannot reach your heart,
For it lies within infinity
While mine is torn apart.


Comments (3)

This is so touching Andrew, but the bit that got me most was when you said about closing your eyes and imaging her there Pulling at the heart strings Love duncan X
A marvelous poem, captivating in all that is expressed, heartwarming at it's best! ! ! *10*! Best regards, Friend Thad
Beautifully written with perfect flow. unspoken words are a curse but I think most people see them in our face. Ann