Poem By William Hill


Around and around we go into infinity
Take a walk in the forest sit under a pine tree
Smoke a bowl, take a toll driving across the country
Appreciate all that you receive and what you see.

I AM here forevermore in the now, We are that
Different personas, are you a sly rat or cool cat?
Play your role well for you are the One into many
Erect the world around you, create, you'll have plenty.

Now when is enough enough? A good question to ask.
Always be here in the now, just focus on the task
The past is the past and the future has not yet come
Our potential is great, we are anything but dumb

Forever and ever hear the tick tock of the clock
Except you are the prisoner and you hold the lock
The key is in your hands as well, keeper of the jail
Warden of the mind free yourself, a new day, set sail.

There may be a storm approaching but always be brave
Cool wind, rough waters, prickling rain, fifteen foot wave
The storm will soon be over and there will be sunshine
Keep hope in your heart and love will always be on line

Your end will soon come, don't be afraid, it'll be okay
For in your end is your beginning, no price to pay
What a magnificent ordeal that we are all in
Sublime truly, were are all One and we all lose and win

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